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Take a Governor to Work Day

[Co-published at Hit Coffe] Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has proposed budget cuts for the University of Wisconsin system and suggested that faculty could help balance the budget by teaching an extra class. In the future, by not having limitations of … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Aims to Reduce Ambiguity About Acceptable Sexual Behavior–Dartmouth Will Fail

Dartmouth university has an ambitious plan to reduce (ideally eliminate) sexual violence and gender-based harassment on its campus. As the father of a soon-t0-be frosh daughter, I’d like all colleges to succeed in doing so.  But this bit, I confidently … Continue reading

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Inflated Worry of Inflation

I’m not sure why I get certain “suggested posts” in my Facebook feed, but I assume it’s the company I keep. For instance I get articles on Native American issues (which I like getting) despite being as Euro-American as they … Continue reading

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A Charitable Interpretation of Crazy Talk

Obama’s plan to designate more than 12 millions acres in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, protecting it from drilling, has brought predictable responses from Alaska Republicans. I don’t doubt that many liberals find the responses to be a … Continue reading

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