Heterodox Academy

I am now a member of Heterodox Academy. This is their apostles’ creed.

I believe that university life requires that people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives encounter each other in an environment where they feel free to speak up and challenge each other. I am concerned that many academic fields and universities currently lack sufficient viewpoint diversity—particularly political diversity. I will support viewpoint diversity in my academic field, my university, my department, and my classroom.


About James Hanley

James Hanley is Associate Professor of Political Science at Adrian College and a Fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of either organization.
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One Response to Heterodox Academy

  1. I hadn’t heard of this organization/site before. I might consider joining (I’m technically a “faculty member,” but a non-tenure-track one, and in a department that’s service-oriented and not teaching- or research-oriented). But I don’t want to break my anonymity.Still, it looks like it’ll be interesting to read.

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