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Mowing the Oregano Photo Essay

As Dr. X suggests, D.C. Sessions’ talk about “mowing the oregano” sounds like a euphemism for an obscene act. But if photos are to be believed, he may actually have oregano in his garden (although I have never before heard … Continue reading

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Not So Fast on Mass Extinctions?

Der Spiegel reports that the IPCC’s new draft report is backing off the claim of mass AGW-caused extinctions. “There is very little confidence that models currently predict extinction risk accurately,” the report notes. Very low extinction rates despite considerable climate … Continue reading

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Our Westeros winter is finally ending, but not without a parting shot; freezing rain. I couldn’t really get the beauty of the ice on the tree, but as I was trying to, some students walked into the picture and managed … Continue reading

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Russian Talking Heads No Smarter than American Talking Heads

The stupidity of people in the media is repulsive. I cheered Nate Silver’s statement that Plenty of pundits have really high IQs, but they don’t have any discipline in how they look at the world, and so it leads to … Continue reading

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Open Secrecy

The White House web site hosts a memorandum on “Transparency and Open Government,” from President Barack Obama to the heads of executive branch departments and agencies. It begins: My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in … Continue reading

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Perverse Incentives for Perverse Individuals

Some time back I had a discussion with a colleague that has stuck in my head. Nominally we were talking about the propriety of “sweatshop” factory labor in the third world. I argued that it was better than the alternative, … Continue reading

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Who Likes Charter Schools?

Liberals tend to oppose charter schools. Liberals also tend to claim they care about minorities. But check out this video about New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to block charter schools, and take a close look at the faces … Continue reading

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Why Would an Innocent Person Plead the Fifth?

From Ken White at Popehat. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments to the effect of “why should Lois Lerner take the Fifth if she has nothing to hide?” Ironically these comments often come from people who profess to oppose … Continue reading

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I’m a Scum-sucking Piece of Shit

I just got a deligtful email from a David Patrick at Here’s the entire text of the email. I just read your discussion of “Fuck You, I Got Mine” Libertarianism What a lying, unintelligent scum-sucking piece of shit you … Continue reading

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A Comparative Curiousity

My students tend to get confused between a unitary form of government (a single national-level government, as opposed to a federal system) and unicameralism (having one house of the legislature). So I put together this handy chart using the countries … Continue reading

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