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Not So Fast on Mass Extinctions?

Der Spiegel reports that the IPCC’s new draft report is backing off the claim of mass AGW-caused extinctions. “There is very little confidence that models currently predict extinction risk accurately,” the report notes. Very low extinction rates despite considerable climate … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Big Bad Hurricanes Gone?

Even if we do know with certainty that the Earth is warming, and even if we do know with certainty that humans are responsible (whether in part or in whole) for that, we still don’t know with certainty what the … Continue reading

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China, Not So Green

AEI’s Steven Hayward has a sharply critical commentary on China’s supposed green revolution. His conclusions: Not so green after all, and limited green potential. The likelihood that he’s correct on the second part is, I think, worrisome.

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Michigan’s Unseasonably Cold Spring Disproves Global Warming

That is, if we use this Middlebury College environmental studies’ prof’s standard of evidence. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I remember being told that it was only the media and other non-scholarly folks who went overboard in making such pronouncements.

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Roger Pielke on the Stern Review and the IPCC4

I’ve been casually picking my way through Roger Pielke, Jr.’s The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell You About Global Warming. His general take is mine also: global warming is happening, but the the “official consensus” misstates and … Continue reading

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China Moves on CO2 Production

Unfortunately, in the wrong direction. I don’t buy the argument that currency manipulation is the real culprit, but it’s always good to have a scary villain.

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Global Warming: What James Hansen Didn’t Say

I’ve critized James Hansen for things he said. It’s only fair then, to point out something he didn’t actually say. President Obama ‘has four years to save Earth.’ This is the headline of the article from the Guardian. I love … Continue reading

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Global Warming: James Hansen

I have criticized James Hansen, while Michael Heath has defended him. Here I critique Hansen with the use of multiple examples of why he is of dubious credibility, not as a scientist but as a political advocate. I do not … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m Confident in My Superior Political Analysis Skills

On the “One More on the Koch Brothers” thread, the following exchange occurred, which calls for a long enough response that I decided to promote it to top-page status. Michael Heath: I suggest reading Climate Progress, you’ll get a feel … Continue reading

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Boundary Conditions and Congressional Science Advising

Over at Dispatches Michael Heath and I had a little set to over the issue of getting Congress to take scientific and technological advice more seriously. We are in agreement on the value of accomplishing that goal, but we disagree … Continue reading

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