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How Scalia Answered My Question

Antonin Scalia once answered my question and drew a laugh from the audience. But that’s ok. The laughter was directed at someone else, and Justice Scalia was wrong. Some years back, in need of money, I sacrificed part of my … Continue reading

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Sodomy and Strategy

Social media is agog with the claim that Michigan lawmakers are considering a bill to ban anal and oral sex, aka sodomy. Here I explain two things. 1. Why the claim is false, and Michigan lawmakers are doing no such … Continue reading

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Indiana’s RFRA Is Almost Certainly Not Actually What You Think It Is (Because You’re Talking Out of Your Ass)

Note: This post is really long, and violates the laws of blogging by not making an implicit claim of being absolutely true, correct, and inarguable, so you’re better off not reading it. And if you have the common-sense not to … Continue reading

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Why Would an Innocent Person Plead the Fifth?

From Ken White at Popehat. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments to the effect of “why should Lois Lerner take the Fifth if she has nothing to hide?” Ironically these comments often come from people who profess to oppose … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage, the Judiciary, and Democracy

My response to comments on my Same Sex Marriage Roundup post grew sufficiently in length that I decided to make it a post. ppnl asked, How do you feel about the fact that mostly this “new right” is being delivered … Continue reading

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A Same Sex Marriage Roundup

[Note: A version of this was previously posted at Ordinary Times’ Love Symposium.] Following the Supreme Court’s rulings last spring in U.S. v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry we’ve had a flurry of activity on the same sex marriage front. … Continue reading

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The Media Are Morons (as usual)

The local Tim Hortons is a convenient place to grade papers. But it runs FoxNews continuously, and sometimes I can’t help but overhear the inanities of its talking heads. This morning some vaguely pretty blonde told me that the Supreme … Continue reading

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Clinton: Young Must Subsidize Elderly

In a rare moment of clarity in the Obamacare debate Gormer President Bill Clinton bluntly admitted that PPACA (Obamacare) requires the young to subsidize the elderly. “I think it’s important for you to tell the people why we’re doing all … Continue reading

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Damning the Disabled (or, What Process Is Due?)

[previously posted at Ordinary Times.] Davonte Sanford claims he’s innocent of the murders of four people committed five years ago. A former hit man has apparently claimed responsibility for the killings, told police where the gun could be found, and … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman, Pseudo Free Thought, and Mob Justice

I have no brief for George Zimmerman. I think he acted like an idiot the night he killed Trayvon Martin–an adrenaline pumped wannabe cop; just the kind of guy who would have wanted a brown shirt and jackboots in the … Continue reading

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