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Pity the Birds

Popehat has good commenters.

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I Could Already Be a Winner!

This hit my inbox yesterday, one of the more amusing scam emails I’ve received. Dear E-mail User; You have a package that contains a bank draft of £5,00,000.00GBP from the Massachusetts UK Lottery. Contact Rose Fenty (Online Coordinator) for claims … Continue reading

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Just Joking

[Here’s another old draft I never previously published.] I heard this in the bathroom of a bar in Belize. What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? . . . . . Juan on Juan. What do you call two … Continue reading

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Confirmation Bias

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has become a must-read for me. It should be for you, too.

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Fukuyama’s Back

I despise Francis Fukuyama. He’s the guy who became famous for having happened to write a “turgid” (as one reviewer described it) book called The End of History, just about the time the Soviet Union collapsed. Nearly everyone misunderstood the … Continue reading

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Phylum Democrata

This is several years old, but I just rediscovered a copy in my pictures file. For my money, Get Fuzzy is the funniest comic strip running. For those inclined to be offended, you need to read Get Fuzzy more often … Continue reading

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