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Should Adjuncts Should Be Paid $15,000 per Course?

[Co-published at Hit Coffee] The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has proposed that adjuncts should get paid $15,000 per course. [O]rganizers argue that if you’re teaching a full load of three courses per semester, that comes out to $90,000 in … Continue reading

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Things That Come Out Wrong

In my Globalization class, discussing the theoretical justification for free trade and its effects on jobs: I can get a television made in other countries, but I can’t get a massage from abroad.

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Come Again?

“It is a Fight That We All Must Prevail Against to Make Our Country What it is Today” That’s the title of the student’s paper. Reading the paper itself didn’t help.

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More on the 4 vs. 6 Point Grade Scale

A few days ago I wrote about shifting from a 4 point, GPA-based, grading scale to a 6 point scale, still based on the GPA scale but with some weight added to the bottom end, to make non-submissions weigh more … Continue reading

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80% of Success Is Showing Up

The title reflects the only words of Woody Allen I’ve ever cared to remember. I wish all students could grasp the concept. I don’t normally have a formal attendance requirement, but in my intro level course I have a short … Continue reading

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Small n Oddities

I have a class with 20 students. Exactly half of them have last names beginning with either “H” or “S,” with each of those names being exactly half of that half. It’s a really weird set of names to put … Continue reading

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Your Free Speech Time Slot is Friday, October 11

This story, via Popehat, is so mindboggling I even found myself doubting Ken White’s veracity for a moment. But there’s actual video footage (below). A student at Modesto Community College wanted to hand out copies of the Constitution on Constitution … Continue reading

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$1 Billion for Free Tuition?

Two days ago USA Today had an article on colleges that are cutting tuition to lure more students in. This is mostly among private colleges that have struggled in recent years to lure students in, as their tuition prices have … Continue reading

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Techno-Idiocy in the Educational Bureaucracy

When my local school district began loaning Ipads to all high school students, the District Superintendent was very excited to announce this great new educational opportunity. But exactly how these gizmos were going to improve students’ education, well, that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Dr. H Goes High Tech

Meet my new course packet for my Political Science Career Seminar class. Most of the readings we hand out in our Political Science Career Seminar are on-line, and it’s always struck as slightly silly to print, make multiple copies of, … Continue reading

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