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The American Police State

ppnl referenced it in the police malpractice thread, so I’m going to highlight it here. Police in Orange County, California, who beat a mentally ill and homeless man, Kelly Thomas, to death were acquitted. “These peace officers were doing their … Continue reading

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What, Cops Can’t Do That?

A 16 year old Detroit girl was thrown to the ground and had her cell phone stolen by a thug. Fortunately for her, daddy is a cop. Unfortunately for him, he’s an asshole cop. Despite both being off-duty, he and … Continue reading

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Your Free Speech Time Slot is Friday, October 11

This story, via Popehat, is so mindboggling I even found myself doubting Ken White’s veracity for a moment. But there’s actual video footage (below). A student at Modesto Community College wanted to hand out copies of the Constitution on Constitution … Continue reading

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Autonomy Now! Driverless Car Update

Mercedes-Benz has now experimented with a driverless car, sending it on a 100 km journey that included passing through towns, stopping at red lights, and negotiating traffic circles. Apparently this was all done with off-the-shelf technology, and they hope to … Continue reading

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Damning the Disabled (or, What Process Is Due?)

[previously posted at Ordinary Times.] Davonte Sanford claims he’s innocent of the murders of four people committed five years ago. A former hit man has apparently claimed responsibility for the killings, told police where the gun could be found, and … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst Independence Day Essay of 2013

From James Traub, writing in Foreign Policy. The American people have learned in recent weeks that their government has been engaged in a vast surveillance effort of which they knew nothing… What Snowden revealed must be fixed, rather than abolished… … Continue reading

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The Good News? White Sorority Girls Learn First-hand What It’s Like to Be Black

The intertoobz are ablaze with the story of a group of University of Virginia coeds who were surrounded by police who mistook their bottled water for illegally purchases beer. The major media sources….not so much. As it is being reported, … Continue reading

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Syria Update

Al Jazeera reports increasing western involvement in the Syrian uprising. An international coalition including the United States, the United Kingdom and several Arab states, has pledged to send millions of dollars in aid and equipment to Syria’s opposition groups, signalling … Continue reading

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Marines Against the American Police State?

I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress: I didn’t fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it’s Congress’ turn. My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of … Continue reading

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