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Burnin’ Down the House!

The lightbulbs in our dining room light fixture burned out…again. I replace them 3-4 times a year, but this time I’d had it. So, in tune with our recent discussion about energy efficiency, I decided to replace the incandescent bulbs … Continue reading

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Suffering from Government Overreach

The temperature dropped to negative 16 Fahrenheit last night, and in a draft old house like mine, even our new high efficiency furnace couldn’t keep up. We even had a small space heater going, and the house still was below … Continue reading

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Everybody Talks About the Weather

It’s 9 degrees this morning. Yesterday it was 22. Normally I don’t mind cold weather. In fact I don’t usually consider 22 to be particularly cold. But I was cold yesterday, and I’m sure I’ll be cold when I step … Continue reading

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Best White Christmas Ever

If you don’t love this, your heart is three sizes too small. Thank you, Christopher Bill, you’ve got incredible talent and you just made my day. Check out some of his other videos. The guy’s got talent. He’s also got … Continue reading

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Street Photography: Herrick Chapel

Maybe this isn’t really street photography, since there’s no street and no people, but I thought the view from the classroom toward our college’s chapel looked nice on this lovely fall day.

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Going Native (Inside the Beltway)

I always tell my students that Senators and Representatives are more in touch with their constituents than most people think. Re-election depends on it, so they pay attention to the hometown newspapers and host town-hall meetings and coffee hours when … Continue reading

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My New Environmental Policy Blog

I’ve launched a new environmental policy blog, at It’s primarily for my present and past Environmental Politics students, but open to anyone. The concept is to link to interesting and thought-provoking articles on environmental issues, from a variety of … Continue reading

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I Need Validation

You commenters are an interesting bunch, and seem like pretty nice people for the most part (you exceptions know who you are!), but you don’t give me enough validation. Neither does WordPress, which for some reason hides all the really … Continue reading

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#1 Christian Movie in Theaters!

That’s what the email about “Final: The Rapture” said, so I guess it’s true. Of course considering how few Christian movies show up in the theaters, I’d wager that each of them has been the #1 Christian Movie in Theaters! … Continue reading

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How the Government Shutdown Affects Me

I teach a Career Seminar course for political science students, and one of the most valuable innovations in that class (first innovated by my colleague, so no credit for me) is having the State Department’s regional Diplomat-in-Residence come speak to … Continue reading

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