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A Non-partisan Argument Against Justice Obama

Hillary Clinton, never one to miss an opportunity to pander, told a prospective Iowa voter that he had “a great idea,” in suggesting she appoint Obama to the Supreme Court. It’s a terrible idea, and that has nothing to do … Continue reading

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We Will Require You to Vote Because It’s for Your Own Good (and ours)

[Cross-posted at Hit Coffee] President Obama has suggested that mandatory voting could offset the influence of big money in campaigns. There’s much that is incoherent in this idea. First, Democrats are doing as well as Republicans in bringing in big … Continue reading

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Three Thoughts on Obama’s Interview

In an attempt to look like a legitimate newssource, BuzzFeed’s editor in chief finagled an interview with POTUS himself. Herewith, three thoughts in response to what the President said. 1. [T]here is no reason for an employer who is not … Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad Congress Invited Netanyahu to Speak

There’s outrage among Democrats and probably smirking satisfaction among Republicans about Speaker of the House John Boehner’s invitation to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to a joint session of Congress. While I like respect for both Boehner (who … Continue reading

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Open Secrecy

The White House web site hosts a memorandum on “Transparency and Open Government,” from President Barack Obama to the heads of executive branch departments and agencies. It begins: My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in … Continue reading

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A Grab Bag of Thoughts

But I Already Have Health Insurance! A friend told me last night that even though he already buys individual health insurance, according to the feds it’s not sufficient, so he’ll have to upgrade. Maybe with the exchanges the price will … Continue reading

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On Budget Negotiations

Republicans seem to have dropped their demands fir defunding Obamacare. First they shifted to a proposal to just delay it for a year and eliminate the meducal device tax. Now they’re hardly mentioning it at all. Instead, they just want … Continue reading

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Stocks React to Shutdown (or don’t, but we need a story)–UPDATED!!

September 27 (Friday): Dow Average: 15258. September 30: “Stocks Tumble as Shutdown Nears.” Dow Average: 15129. October 1: “U.S. Stocks Finish Higher: Government Shutdown Fails to Scare the Market.” Dow Average: 15191. October 2: “Stocks fall as fears of protracted … Continue reading

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Shutdown Theater!

If anyone’s ever wondered why I don’t like politics, or don’t support either party, the “shutdown” of the WWII Memorial is a great demonstration why. If you haven’t seen the WWII Memorial, it’s not only a classic work of fascist … Continue reading

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How the Government Shutdown Affects Me

I teach a Career Seminar course for political science students, and one of the most valuable innovations in that class (first innovated by my colleague, so no credit for me) is having the State Department’s regional Diplomat-in-Residence come speak to … Continue reading

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