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Could a Unicameral Congress Better Rein in Presidential Power?

Kevin Flohe asks, “Do you think a unicameral legislature would be more or less effective at reining in executive power?” Sorry, Kevin, but it’s a long answer. That’s why I moved it to the blog. TL/DR version: At the margin, … Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad Congress Invited Netanyahu to Speak

There’s outrage among Democrats and probably smirking satisfaction among Republicans about Speaker of the House John Boehner’s invitation to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to a joint session of Congress. While I like respect for both Boehner (who … Continue reading

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Strategic Analysis of the Sequester

One of my Political Behavior students wrote a nice strategic analysis of the sequester and its failure. His theoretical basis was the concept of brinkmanship, originally devised by Thomas Schelling, and concludes that the sequester is a good example of … Continue reading

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