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Indiana’s RFRA Is Almost Certainly Not Actually What You Think It Is (Because You’re Talking Out of Your Ass)

Note: This post is really long, and violates the laws of blogging by not making an implicit claim of being absolutely true, correct, and inarguable, so you’re better off not reading it. And if you have the common-sense not to … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Takes Town Board Meetings Prayer Case

The Supreme Court has accepted a case asking the question of whether beginning a town board/city commission meeting with prayer violates the Establishment Clause. I’m surprised they’ve actually decided to do this, and worried that it’s only being taken because … Continue reading

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Your Free Speech Time Slot is Friday, October 11

This story, via Popehat, is so mindboggling I even found myself doubting Ken White’s veracity for a moment. But there’s actual video footage (below). A student at Modesto Community College wanted to hand out copies of the Constitution on Constitution … Continue reading

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