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Proposal: Police Malpractice Insurance

A proposal from Popehat’s Clark: In a better world, cops would have to buy malpractice insurance. Dangerous cops would have to pay more, leading some to change careers. Advertisements

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Nebraska: Just Thinking of the Children

On I-80 in Nebraska we passed temporary signs of the “road construction ahead” sort, but these said “drug dog in operation” and “police drug check point ahead.” As it turned out, there were no cops or dogs ahead. But if … Continue reading

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The Good News? White Sorority Girls Learn First-hand What It’s Like to Be Black

The intertoobz are ablaze with the story of a group of University of Virginia coeds who were surrounded by police who mistook their bottled water for illegally purchases beer. The major media sources….not so much. As it is being reported, … Continue reading

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