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Wrong, Do It Again!

And today, the only possible agent of political reform is the President. Lawrence Lessig, explaining why he ran for president, and reminding me yet again that most lawyers are lousy political scientists.

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Three Thoughts on Obama’s Interview

In an attempt to look like a legitimate newssource, BuzzFeed’s editor in chief finagled an interview with POTUS himself. Herewith, three thoughts in response to what the President said. 1. [T]here is no reason for an employer who is not … Continue reading

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The Basis of Libertarianism, Again, Plus Discussion of the Presidency

Recently at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen one regular commentor suggested that libertarians must have a great faith in humanity’s angelic nature. It’s amazing that a regular reader of LOoG could still think that, unless he made a practice of … Continue reading

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