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The Battle of Indiana Didn’t Have To Happen

[Note: A Guest Post by Hit Coffee’s Will Truman] There really is an odd feeling of the ground shuffling from under my feet. Fifteen years ago, I was on the far left of the same-sex marriage movement, and pretty far … Continue reading

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Indiana’s RFRA Is Almost Certainly Not Actually What You Think It Is (Because You’re Talking Out of Your Ass)

Note: This post is really long, and violates the laws of blogging by not making an implicit claim of being absolutely true, correct, and inarguable, so you’re better off not reading it. And if you have the common-sense not to … Continue reading

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No, Oklahoma Is Not Banning Atheist Marriage

There’s a lot of foofaraw going around the internet and Facebook these days reposting articles that claim the Oklahoma legislature is passing a bill that would ban atheists from getting married. See, for example, here, here and here. A slight … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage, the Judiciary, and Democracy

My response to comments on my Same Sex Marriage Roundup post grew sufficiently in length that I decided to make it a post. ppnl asked, How do you feel about the fact that mostly this “new right” is being delivered … Continue reading

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Take 2 (more)

First Illinois, and now Hawai’i, where the same-sex marriage debate began in earnest about a generation ago. That’s 16 states plus D.C. now, encompassing 98.5 million Americans, about 31% of the population. And in New Mexico, the only state that … Continue reading

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Michigan Attorney General’s Office’s Contradiction on Same-Sex Marriage

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse want to get married and adopt each other’s children, but the state of Michigan has laws against both of those actions, so they have sued the state in federal district court. The State of Michigan, … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Governor’s Non-Apology and Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey (and maybe Michigan)

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbetts, responding to an aide’s comparison of same-sex marriage to the marriage of twelve-year olds: “It was an inappropriate analogy. I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?” Oh, that’s offensive? … Continue reading

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Unsurprisingly, opponents of SSM are not happy with the 9th Circuit lifting the stay on granting same-sex marriage licenses. They think they should have had a chance to appeal the Supreme Court’s ruling. Among other arguments, the application also stated … Continue reading

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The DOMA Decision

Since the world wouldn’t be complete without my two cents on the Supreme Court’s rulings in Windsor and Hollingsworth, it’s my duty to comment. First, DOMA

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The Prop 8 Punt

The world needs my input on contemporary issues, so… Second, Prop 8.

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